I am just going to leave this here……..read it or don’t it’s just an opinion…..

Even before the most recent events our country has faced, I have been trying to deal with some thoughts, feelings and opinions about my life and yours. I keep thinking back to that old saying…..you know the one….. Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one and everybody thinks that other peoples stink.
It got me wondering, DOES my opinion matter? Do people REALLY care about my opinion? Do I care about the opinion of others?
Think about it for a moment……… Does your opinion, in the grand scheme of things REALLY matter? The answer I came up with is yes. Yes my opinion matters. It matters to ME!
But you know what???
That does not mean that it needs to matter to anyone else. It does not mean that I have to right to shove said opinion down another person’s throat. It does not mean that I am “entitled” to righteous indignation when a friend’s opinion differs from my own.
I have literally noticed myself wanting to SCREAM at the television screen when some pompous ass comes on the news and starts blabbing his or her stupid opinions all over my television set. Stupid opinions? Yes, Stupid opinions in MY opinion.
Then I hop on facebook to see what my friends are up to and GUESS WHAT??? The inevitable Facebook RANT! The never ending barrage of rants about other people’s opinions!!!!
Gah! It has been driving my INSANE.
Today I asked myself, is this really the person you want to be? Do you really want to get on facebook and judge others for simply expressing their opinions? No! No this is not who I want to be, but you know what? It irritates the hell out of me!
But why? Why do other people’s opinions irritate me so?
I know I know….I COULD just stay off facebook and stop watching the news if it bothers me that bad. So I did. For a moment.
I put my phone down and walked away. I sat on the porch to think. Why is this bothering me sooooo much? Maybe opinions really are like assholes? I don’t know. Then…….ding ding ding.
It’s bothering me because everyone running around shouting their opinions all over facebook and TV and the internet and the news paper is ACOMPLISHING NOTHING PRODUCTIVE!
Guess what your little rant on facbook about gun control, or racisms, or immigration, or what the hell ever accomplished? It pissed off about half your friends list and the other half said UMMMHUMMM PREACH!
So what? Now you feel better? You got that off your chest? Good, I am happy for you, really I am. Sometimes we just need to vent our frustrations just like I am doing right now.
How about the article on how so and so’s response to this tragedy was to just push his/her own agenda…Oh and YOU who WROTE this article using half truths and outright lies, you’re not pushing any agenda now are you???? Hmmmm? What did you accomplish exactly? Do you really think people read this trash and then thought to themselves…..”Shoot, I have been supporting the wrong person, I think I will change my mind now and vote the other way.” HELL NO! Some of the readers share your stupid article on facebook to try and influence their friends ..….(yup see I TOLD you…..it’s right here in black and white, you’re a idiot if you support THAT person.) Other’s leave comment’s at the bottom of the article telling the author what a stupid dumbass they are. Meanwhile the Author of the article is checking google analytics every five minutes to see how many “views” they have had.
I have seen the words dumbass and Idiot floated around the internet so much that I have lost my own ability to think of words that might sound more intelligent. We are dumbing down people!
Alright, you are probably ready for me to just get to my point……or you have called me an idiot dumbass and left the page. If you are still here thanks for sticking with me. Forgive my foul language.
Maybe I don’t care about your opinions or your positions. Maybe I just don’t. I DO care about you as a human being, as a person who has a right to LIVE and Love and be free. I care about you because you are my brother or my sister. I care about the fact that we all have to live here on this earth plane together and somehow we have to find a way to be tolerant of one another, maybe even accepting?
Can we just for a moment……just one tiny moment…….put our opinions to the side. Just shove them over there for a few minutes. Can we ask ourselves a few questions?
Is it possible that I can effect positive change in this world?
If so, how can I effect positive change in this world without giving up my own opinions or feeling violated by the opinions of others?
Do I even WANT to effect change in the world? Maybe you don’t ya know?
Personally I do. I want change. I want positive, productive change. I believe you do to. If you didn’t you would not still be reading this.
We are all connected. Believe it or not we are. We are connected by a massive energy field. That field of energy has the ability to shift positively or negatively depending on what we put into it. It is called collective consciousness.
The collective consciousness of our people is either going to evolve it’s going to die. (Dramatic, I know) I hope we evolve. If this idea of connectedness is a new concept to you, and you have a desire to understand more, google quantum physics. It’s not woowoo. It’s science. We ARE all connected. We get to choose how this goes.
I have seen a million comments that say…..”Well, all we can do is pray.” (I will admit a small part of me wants to smack these people with my bible.) OF COURSE we should PRAY, but is that really ALL we can do? For a select few, I believe the answer is yes, Prayer is all they have to offer and it is welcome and understood. But for the majority of the population, we can do more. I can DO MORE…….
I will leave you with 10 ideas of “MORE”. It’s nothing mind blowing, but it was a better use of an afternoon than spending it yelling at my television.
Maybe this falls on deaf ears, maybe it doesn’t. I said what I wanted to say. I did what I wanted to do. If my opinions smell like poo…..So be it.
If you have your own ideas of “MORE” drop them in the comments, I would love to hear them.
1. Simply give Love. It’s easy and it’s free. Send a little to anyone who crosses your path. Just look at them and send them love.
2. If you have been blessed financially in this life, make a donation that will help someone who is suffering.
3. Give blood if you are able. You might save a life.
4. Volunteer! There are many disaster relief organizations to choose from. Anything from donating water to actually getting on a bus and going to an affected area to help in a variety of ways.
(I have done this one myself through the Virginia Baptist Disaster Relief and I can tell you, it was some of the best experiences of my life)
5. Donate items like clothing, food, supplies, water.
6. Do one nice thing every day.
7. Send cards or notes of encouragement and support to someone who is suffering.
8. Simply smile.
9. Spend some time alone. Give some thought to who you are in the world and who you would like to be.
10. Last but not least. Pray…….Pray……..and Pray some MORE.

Love and Blessings to all,
Kerri Carter

P.S. No Grammar police please…..I am an artist not a writer!

13 Comments on “I am just going to leave this here……..read it or don’t it’s just an opinion…..

  1. well said Kerri…. I am going to work on your suggestions starting today. Thanks for putting into words what a lot of us think! Love ya girl!

  2. I read it all the way through! Sometimes you just need to vent. I couldn’t agree with you more! The 10 items you listed are my motto’s everyday. I try to treat every person I meet as I would like to be treated; some days this can be a challenge. But I continue to reach out, and in the end say a prayer… I know that I have been blessed in many ways, and just wish to do the Lord’s work, and pray for those I can’t help.


    1. Thank you Keri. Yes ” we need to be the change we want to see in others”. Thank you for the reminders. Love ya

  3. Well said. I’ve always tried to live by the words of my parents….and grandparents. I remember it well. ” Treat others the way you would like to be treated”. It’s always done me well.

  4. Kerri,
    I have been trying to live this way for the past several years, it works. If I get rid of all the negative thoughts and think positively then positive energy comes back to me. How simple. How wonderful. And if it works in my little world how lovely it would be on a larger scale. Thanks for ranting! May I share?

  5. Well said Kerry. I come from large family so many different personalities seems to always be conflict but I always try to keep piece. It’s like you said everyone has opinions and some just sucks! I realized as I’ve gotten older no one really cares for they stick to what they believe so we should never try to force our beliefs on them. When you’re an adult think you should make own dicisions, then there your mistakes. Guess I could add what my mom wrote in a little book not long before she died( If tomorrow never comes remember how much I love you. Be good to each other for love is most important thing in the world.)

  6. I have always believed in live & let live. We are all one on this small planet hurling through space, what we give out is what we get back. Kindness, empathy, love & a willingness to embrace things that might scare us, lets us grow.
    Thanks Kari

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