Before and After Great Room Cabinets

When we started the journey of fixing up this old 1930s colonial, I never imagined it would take 6 months before we even finished the first room! Alas, here we are 6 months into the project and while a great deal of work has been done, it’s spread out over the entire house. I am SO close to finishing the Great Room and I am really excited to show off the finished room. SOON, I hope……

The perfectionist in me has been putting off posting anything on the blog because I wanted to actually finish and stage the room first. I have come to the realization that the Good Lord is teaching me 2 very important lessons in my visit to earth school.

1. Patience. I have come a LONG way in the patience department but I will probably always need to work on having more ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. Perfectionism. I struggle with this one daily. Its the creative in me. I drive my husband crazy doing things over and over until it is the way I want it.

Since I am feeling impatient today I thought I would overcome my perfectionism and share one of the major projects we tackled in the Great Room. The wall of cabinets across the back of the room. It’s not quite finished but…… we go!

First let’s take a look back at what we started with.


Great Room Cabinets Before

The first thing we did was clean everything with degreaser and paint a coat of kilz primer on EVERYTHING.

I removed the cabinet doors, painted a base coat in Fusion Ash, then followed that with 2 coats of Fusion in Picket Fence. I distressed the edges back to let the ash show through and painted the base cabinets with the picket fence.

I special ordered these great old mission style knobs from The Home Depot.

My one mistake here was once we installed the knobs I realized now the hinges don’t match! Agggggh, now I have to take all 14 doors back off and spray the hinges matte black. Ooops

Close up lower cabinets

Next up was the counter tops. They were Ok, but with the new dark floors they needed a little update. I lightly sanded them and applied a product by General Finishes called Java Gel. I love love love how they turned out. I still need to seal them but you get the idea.

Applying Java Gel

After Java Gel

Moving on to the back splash!

I knew exactly what I wanted. Old corrugated metal. I had some metal in my back yard but it was not the right style. Where the heck was I going to find the RIGHT STYLE??? I saved pictures on my iPad and took it to work to show the girls.

It should come as no surprise to those of you who know us in person that it just so happened that Lara had the exact metal I was looking for in HER back yard. 

If you are just tuning in, Lara and Alicia are my employees at Green Living Resale. Without them this fixer upper project would be impossible. So please, if you happen by the shop and I’m not there, be sure to remind them how awesome they are ๐Ÿ™‚

Corrugated metal back splash

I painted the backs of the larger open shelves with the Fusion in Ash. I thought it would help balance the room since the fire place on the opposite side of the room is also painted in Ash.

Here it is! The final project!






I am so excited to start furnishing and decorating this room! Here is a quick peek at what it’s looking like from the other direction. It was dark and rainy outside the day I took these photo’s. Hopfully I will get better pictures on the next post ๐Ÿ˜‰

Great Room Progress

We have BIG plans for Window coverings on those giant windows! Looking forward to starting on that! I also will be painting the doors going to the dining room barn red. Eeeek!

I am hoping to find some cute accessories and furniture at our upcoming Antique and Vintage Market!  YOU ARE coming to that RIGHT? It’s going to be amazing! Join our event page for all the updates! We have a load of amazing vendors coming, April can’t come soon enough!

If you have just landed on our blog today, you can see how this whole thing got started and the House Tour Here.

If you would like to keep up with the progress on our fixer upper, leave a comment! You will get updates by email ๐Ÿ™‚

Until next time, Hugs to all!


20 Comments on “Before and After Great Room Cabinets

  1. It’s looking great Kerri. I know the hard work it takes to get all this done. My friend Darrel and I have worked on restoring this historical house built in 1898 for last seven years in Eden. It’s surely a labor of love. We still have things to do just not enough in a day to do all you’d like to. Can’t wait to see all your progress.

  2. Everything looks great, Kerri! I love how you have arranged the furnishings in the room! I know you and Doug have worked hard to fix it up the way you want it. I can’t wait to see the finished project.

  3. Love it. You are doing a wonderful job of decorating & repairing this house to the grande beauty she once was. Enjoy visiting Green Living Resale.

  4. Amazing transformation!! Love the extra large, spacious rooms of older homes. Great job!! Thanks for sharing your progress.

  5. You both are doing such a great job. Don’t worry about the time…it will all be worth all of your labors. Enjoy the process.

  6. This is so amazing!!! I know you all have been working so hard. Can’t wait to see it all when its doneโค๏ธ

  7. Fabulous job on the cabinets, open shelving, and love the metal backsplash! I just became a Fusion retailer with my friend and new business partner in Bedford. We too are in the renovating process in the basement of The Electric Company Artist’s Co-op. We plan on opening “My Paint Cellar ” in October. Our goal is to carry Fusion products, offer workshops, and sell Fusion painted items as well as my cheerful “Sherry Chairs” Check out
    We would love to come meet you and see Green Living Resale in the near future. This is a first-time adventure for the both of us and would love to get some friendly advice.

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