Month one update on the Fixer Upper

It’s been a little over a month since we bought the fixer upper! Everyone that comes in the shop asks how it’s coming so I thought I would post a quick update on the progress so far. Between working on the house, running the shop and planning for our upcoming market in October I have been doing my best not to let the stress get to me. I have only cried one time and Alicia (my store manager) got me through that pretty quickly so I think I’m doing pretty good!

The very first thing we did was hire a contractor to replace the rotting eaves on the house. Here is a refresher of what it looked like when we bought it.


And here is what the front looks like today. As you can see the new roof is going on and work on the dormers has started as well. That light gray on the side of the dormers is what the house color will be……eventually.


Front view




Around back the roof is on the main part and the eaves and gutters are allllll done!

Back view


Meanwhile, inside we had mini splits installed for heating and cooling. These are ductless units and are working wonderfully. I will appologize again publicly to Eddie Bryant’s wife who endured about 5 million chigger bites installing the outside unit to the mini splits. Sorry about that Eddie’s wife!!

Mini split

The great room is going to be the main hangout for the family so we decided to work on it first. The floors have been sanded and hopefully will get stained soon! Unfortunately the stains did not come out after sanding and we have tried everything we can think of to get them out. Open to suggestions on that issue! The far windows were replaced. (They were broken) The walls have been painted a warm gray and the fireplace was painted with Fusion Mineral paint in Ash. 

Here it was before…..


Aaaaand here is what it’s looking like today. Still a ways to go in this room but we are getting there!

Today great room

Close up fireplace

We salvaged an old mantle from a house being torn down. I still need to paint and install that. Oh and that little table from the before picture? Now it looks like this!

Before and after

It will be going back in that room when we are done.

We also brought in a yard crew to help with The chicks and tiggers (as the hubby likes to call them) otherwise know as Ticks and Chiggers! Unfortunately the yard crew keeps laying down on the job……..

Yard crew

Or sleeping on the job…..

Sleepy chickens


And so, that’s where we are ladies and gentleman! If you missed how we got ourselves into this craziness you can read all about it here

And the tour of the inside is here.

The next few weeks we will be putting our focus totally on Green Living Market! We have some fabulous vendors coming, great food and DIY classes! If you missed the news about the market hop on over to our facebook event page and check it out! HERE

There is also a blog post detailing the DIY classes right before this post. Hope you will join us for the fun! 

Love to all




6 Comments on “Month one update on the Fixer Upper

  1. Love the update! It’s great following along! We are thinking about a “fixer upper”, of sorts, ourselves. I will have to look into the mini splits. Looking forward to the Green Living Market!

  2. wow this house is a great hidden gem !

    as far as the stains go im a rehab addict watcher and the last episode i saw she said she used a 24 grit? or a really super coarse sand paper to get the water stains out

    Good luck to you will be following (found you on the chalk and milk paint group)

  3. If you stain the floors a sort of dark color that might help hide the stains that are left. Love following along what you are doing with this house. It is beautiful and restoring it is wonderful.

  4. I think you’re business is so beneficial to the environment and also gives this community greater opportunities to purchase things at a reasonable price. I think it really means a lot to the community since we have had so many job losses and hardships in this area. I think your creativity and ingenuity ra enormous asset to the martinsville and Henry County plus surrounding counties! The word is getting out everywhere! I hope this new event will be one of the greatest n the Virginia North Carolina and maybe even Northern Virginia and above eventually! Also, I am so jealous of your wonderful new house! I can see your family snuggling together in front of the fire and laughing and having wonderful times together. I’m so happy for you that you have created such a wonderful life for yourself and I wish you the best of everything :)I’m looking forward to this weekend and so excited too attend! It’s going to be awesome!

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