Inside the Fixer Upper

Aaaaaand we are off!  In my last post I told you about this 1930s Jewel Doug and I plan to restore for our family. If you missed the outside pictures and how this all got started you can read that post here.

 Today I want to give you a glimpse of the inside as it looks right now. We have already taken out all the old carpet. I will spare you the pictures of that.

Lets jump right in and start the tour!

First up, my favorite room in the house. The library and fireplace #1. I plan to make this my own little space just for me. A space to read, craft, or watch a little TV. It has an entrance from the side porch. Underneath all that peeling paint is beautiful wood. I am still undecided if I will just repaint or try and bring it back to the original wood. Stripping and entire room seems a bit daunting.



See the wood underneath! The Hubby votes bring back the wood!

Knotty pine

The formal living room is right next door and also has an entry from the side porch and fireplace #2! Since we don’t really need a “formal” living room, this room will serve as music room/office. I got my first boo boo in this room yesterday. Yep smacked my thumb right on the knuckle with a pry bar. That was fun…..

Formal living room

I love love love all the glass doors in this house! The pictures are dark because we don’t have lighting but those doors are stained red!

Formal living room

Just through that door is the foyer.


Foyer Staircase


It’s hard to decide what I love best about the dining room. The built in’s, the huge windows, the glass doors, the crown molding……oh my!

Dining Room


Dining room

On to the kitchen! Behind all that green is wall paper. Behind all that wallpaper are plaster walls. My pinterest is going to be full of “how to fix plaster walls” pins. Ha!





Next up is the hubby’s favorite room! The Butler’s pantry, off the kitchen. He has big plans for this room!

Entrance to Butlers pantry

Butlers Pantry

Butlers Pantry

Butlers Pantry

View from the Butlers Pantry Door


Just off the kitchen is the powder room and mud room. More icky wall paper 🙁

Powder room

Mud room

In the 1960s a large living room was added to the house. Seriously this room is over 600 sq ft. Eeeeep! It’s also home to fireplace #3! This is the first room we plan to tackle.

Living Room



Living room looking back towards the kitchen

Living room

This concludes our tour of the main floor. Let’s head upstairs! See the walls? GRASS CLOTH……

Top of the stairs

My son Carter is a Junior this year. It’s going to be interesting to see what he comes up with for his room! Lol. More wallpaper.

Carter’s room


I love the original black and white tile in his bathroom so that stays! The rest……got to go!

Carter’s bathroom


My Daughter Mackenzie is in the 8th grade. She has visions of pink cameo for her room…….not sure how I am going to talk her out of that one. I have always let my children make their own design choices soooooooo…….

Mackenzie’s room



Mackenzie’s Room

Mackenzie’s Bathroom

There is a shower behind the door. Hoping to keep most of this bathroom original.

Lastly is the master bedroom. It is split into 2 separate rooms with closets and bathroom inbetween. If I have my way, this will be a total gut. Relocate the closet and bathroom to one side and large bedroom on the other. This will be the biggest project of the whole Reno! And guess what! Yup, more WALLPAPER! 

Master right side


Pass through master

Master Left side



Master bath


Lets round out this tour with a quick peek at the attic! I am so excited to have storage! I would love to finish this out someday 🙂 those steps are steeeeep.

Attic steps





Well that’s the tour ladies and gents! There is also a full basement but I will save that for another post so the asbestos people can do their job.

Time to get to work!!!!

Sanding day


22 Comments on “Inside the Fixer Upper

    1. Oh Kerri! What a wonderful house! You have not lost your mind. Homes like this are no longer built. What character it has. This just can not be duplicated today. You are so blessed! Anything worth having is always a lot of work. You’ll be thankful you have it once all the work is done. Its a lovely family home.

  1. It will be a beauty when you finish. I wish I had taken before and after of our house. It was built in 1898 by John Morehead. He was the man that brought the Fieldcrest Cotton Mills to Eden at turn of century. We have plaster walls also with lots of paper that had to be removed. They also painted over wallpaper in some rooms. I ended up putting wallpaper back in kitchen for walls were cracked so bad. You’ll figure that out as you go I’m sure. Good luck…

  2. Your house is beautiful! You are going to have so much fun with it! Keep taking pictures. I will enjoy seeing the progress. This will be such great memories for your family!

  3. I was lucky to tour the house yesterday. It is a gem. I love the diamond accents on the walls going up to the attic but those steps were hard to manage. This house is going to be magnificent when Kerri and Doug finish it.

  4. I am totally in love with your beautiful find, as well as a bit envious 🙂 It is a lovely home and has so much potential. Thank you for sharing your progress, I can’t wait for the next one !!! Watch out for those boo boo’s, they hurt !!!

  5. Oh Kerri & Doug – INCREDIBLE. I don’t envy the work, even though it doesn’t look as bad as some I’ve looked at. I can’t wait to see the after pictures. Was your home built in the 40’s? I have the exact same built ins in my dining room… Congratulations, good luck…. keep on plugging away!

  6. Beautiful house! I’m with your husband, I would have bought the house for the butlers pantry alone! Can’t wait to see the photos as you complete work on the rooms!

  7. Wow! This house is incredible! I can’t believe y’all were lucky enough to find one in this shape. It’s in great shape for it’s age and all those built-ins and cabinets are gorgeous. And they don’t look like they need replaced. And I agree with you, those glass doors are awesome. Lots of craftmanship in this home. I love it. Can’t wait to watch the adventures and see the final product. I know you and Doug will make it even more beautiful. Love that is has original hardwood floors. I’m soooo jealous. lol. My husband, and daughters and I moved to Boise Idaho in June 2013. We’re doing the apartment life right now. That’s why I haven’t been in the store. I miss coming in and seeing all the goodies. I’ve got some great things from you. Good luck and slow down. (less boo boos) 🙂

  8. Kerri,,,, this house is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the finished product after all your work is done. It will definately be a real showplace and a fabulous place for your family. So happy for y’all!

  9. Your new home is absolutely gorgeous. Leave it to you to makes something so beautiful out of an older house! So happy for you! I know y’all will be happy there!

  10. Love you HOME inside and out, with visions of the after on a lot of it. Love the old door knobs and the part that adds to it…don’t know how to explain…. It is going to be wonderful when you finish.

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