Green Living Market coming soon! Antique Vintage Upcycled

To say that I am excited about this event would be a huge understatement! I have been dreaming of this since we opened Green Living Resale 3 years ago and we have been in the planning stages for the last 6 months! Finally I get to let the proverbial cat out of the bag and let me tell you I am soooooo glad!

We are Hosting a SHOW!!!!!!!!

My poor husband has had to deal with me driving him crazy for weeks! It’s a good thing he loves me and he is as excited as I am!

Mark your calendars and get ready for a Junkin Wonderland! Green Living Market is coming to town!

We are inviting vendors from across the country to join us for this 3 Day Show!

Show Dates: Oct.9,10,11th and April 8,9,10th

We have secured a wonderful location for this Twice yearly, 3 day show. It is very easy to find from the Martinsville Speedway. There is  an 18 acre field adjacent to the show field for FREE parking.
Shown Here:


And the show field! Well, I will just let it speak for itself!
Here it is!

Show Field
Show Field

The entire field runs along side the Beautiful Smith River!

AND!!!!! Guess What! If the show does well and grows we have ANTOHER beautiful field to expand into!

additional field!
If you have followed us on facebook you probably already know how much I love this town. I love the people; I love the area and most of all I love and appreciate the fellowship and support that we have received from this community in our life and our business.

It is my sincere hope that Green Living Market will become something this community will look forward to year after year. That it will bring travelers from all across the country to visit Martinsville and enjoy all the charm it has to offer.

If you are interested becoming a vendor for this event, you can get allll the info here!

Be sure to keep a check here on the blog and on our facebook page as well! I will be posting updates about the show and the vendors!

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Final Flier

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  1. Hi! I was wondering what your vendor fee is? I sell Jamberry nails and my sister, Kim Turner, sells Pink Zebra and Thirty One. We are very interested in setting up as vendors!
    Amy Lemons

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