DIY Painted Chair Disaster!

Recently I saw a blog post on Hometalk of a beautiful spray painted chair. Spray Paint a chair you say? Why Yes!

So OF COURSE I had to try it.

I had the perfect chair in mind. The fabric was in excellent condition but the orange flower pattern was just not working for me. Off to the Auto parts store I go to buy this wonderful Upholstery fabric spray paint for cars.

What could go wrong??????

Here is the lovely orange chair “Before”

I used FOUR CANS of $7.50/can spray paint.

Ummmmm Problem! After 4 can’s and what felt like 500 coats of paint you could still see the flower pattern and I could see this was just not going to work. Every time I put another coat of spray paint on the chair the fabric became stiffer and stiffer. UGGGGGGH.


I thought there was nothing I could do. The chair was ruined……. But wait! I just happened to have a can of Fusion Mineral Paint in Ash which was almost the identical color of the spray paint! The chair was already ruined so I figured why not? I grabbed a brush and started painting away.

Here is the chair “After” the Fusion mineral paint was applied. Now I was getting somewhere! Full coverage on the first coat! The chair was beautiful!

Unfortunately I could not pronounce victory:(

It was now even stiffer than before. Nooooooo!

Not wanting to give up I grabbed a can of Soft Clear wax and tried waxing the chair, hoping it would soften the fabric just a little.

Epic Fail!

The wax did improve the feel just a tiny bit but the chair is now stiff as a board……Humph.


So now I have this beautiful chair that no one will probably ever sit in, BUT, it looks great and I have learned what NOT to do when attempting to paint fabric. In retrospect. I think if I had just painted the chair with the Fusion Mineral Paint in the first place I would have had much better results. So that will be my next attempt. Lesson Learned.

Still……in the end, It really was an amazing transformation.

Thankfully we have some great makeovers in the works so be sure to check back for those!



3 Comments on “DIY Painted Chair Disaster!

  1. Super helpful info! I just started using Fusion Mineral paint and I’m so hooked! I paint chairs, shelves, and small tables (hopefully to sell) and want to order some sample sizes. Do you sell them?

    1. Hi Sherry
      We do sell Fusion Mineral paint in the shop. If you are not local to us you can check Fusions website for retailers who ship!

  2. Hi so if I use Fusion mineral paint straight out of the can, and now have to sand inbetween coats, I don’t need a top coat of wax?
    I know with other chalk paints I have to sand in between and use wax to soften up the paint?

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